102 Lightning Brushes

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In this product you will find:

  • 102 high-resolution lightning and electricity brushes 2500 x 2500px created with Photoshop CS6
  • 102 PNG Files, one for each brush
  • 19 coloring photoshop styles (working best with a white brush on a black background)
  • 6 photoshop styles for specifically to color lightning (see example pictures, works best on dark clouds)

These brushes are useful for:

  • Put that missing lightning on that dramatic thunderstorm scene
  • Free Energy, buy once an have your photoshop powered up forever
  • Put that extra shock into your art
  • To let the energy flow through some product
  • Electronic music party posters
  • Insect traps (don’t overdo it, poor mosquitos)
  • Power Plant related topics
  • High Voltage related topics
  • Electronic device topics
  • Technology topics

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